Malta – 14/06/2015 – 26/06/2015

Well, if I’m writing something here, it means that I’m back home and my experience in Malta has ended.
To book this trip wasn’t easy, but I’m really happy I took this decision;
in these two weeks in Malta I’ve met a lot of people from different countries, everyone speaking his/her own language…so, obviously, to talk to each other we only had one chance..learn english!

And our lessons were really funny!
yeah…the lessons with Danielle began everytime with two words: boobies and nipples.

And the lessons with Dan were funny too!
Like when we played Werewolf and Citizens (and the Witch, that created a little mistake when Gunther said “I think you are the Bitch!”…and not the witch…).

But the lesson with our inventions were the best (an idea of Dan, I have to write it because it’s his patent).
We had to think about two inventions: one stupid and the other intelligent.
So, Luca and I, created two unbelievable inventions:



If someone is interested, call us, and we can make a good price for you.

And how can I forget my Spanish friends from Getafe?? Juan, Julian and Carlos!
We drank beer together and we’ve spoken a lot, especially about the dentist…ahahah Julian do you remember the dentist?!!!!
And also the crazy night in the karaoke bar, singing songs (with Frida and the Spanish guys), the whipped cream and beer…a lot of beer…but not as much as Ekaterina (crazy girl!!!)!
Yeah..i think that it is impossible for me to drink as much as a Russian girl .

And what about my host family? I remember garlic, and oil, and onion, and butter too.
Yeah, every meal had at least three of these ingredients, a lot of of meals had four…
But it was a great family, very funny and very friendly with me and Giovanna (a guest like me).

Than my Russian friend Alexander, that speaks more than all the other guys here! But together we spent a lot of good time; and Ekaterina, who drinks more beer than me, and she’s a little bit strange, and she’s always ready to smile and laugh.

Than the Germans, Kyell (do you remember the game on mine last night: one two MALTALINGUA four five MALTALINGUA MALTALINGUA eight MALTALINGUA ……with a lot of beer it became very difficult!!).
And Sveta, strange girl, but we understood each other. Unfortunately, we met too late.

And what about the Swiss girls?!! Oh yeah, Lori (and the guy at the disco, do you remember??!!ahahah) and Joanne, the girl with the best laugh of the world!
You remember the last night, when with Dan we drunk a lot of CUNTsberg beer??!!!!

And Massahiro kun?? Looking at the sunset on the beach while you were playing the trumpet on the rocks was amazing! And we talked about manga too!!

And now, what can I say about the Italian girls? Giovanna, Frida, Giulia and Chiara.
We spoke sometimes in English, sometimes in Italian; we spent a lot of time together, discussing about the power of the body energy! (Giovanna, I have yet to try the experiment of the rice in two different jars…but I will do it!)
And we’ve talked about loyalty, and about boys who send photos of (naked) girls on whatsapp.

So, thank you for these days in Malta.

Enjoy your life.

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